He has been named "the little man with the big voice". Al sings songs from the Killers to Queen and also plays guitar and bass. He has been playing in a band since he was 13 years old (so quite a while now!) hence he has a wealth of experience and knows how to work a crowd!

Penfold Band members........



Carl originally joined the band as a keyboard player but now plays bass. He has apeared in "Stars in their eyes" as Bryan Adams but also sings everything from Ed Sheeran to Daft Punk. He also plays lead guitar as well as the "voice box" on livin on a prayer! He can also play the drums so he is quite a talent!


Rick plays lead guitar and has an amazing voice (just like Sting!). He has his own recording studio where he writes and records his own music (so we are now practising more than ever!).


Michael is multi talented, not only is he an amazing painter but plays guitar and Keyboard so we can now do songs such as Mr Blue Sky from ELO etc. He also sings so we now have "five part" harmonies!

james 2.jpg

We have a new drummer, Welcome James Cumner. Now the youngest member of the band (which is not hard!). He is an amazing drummer but also a great singer, guitarist and songwriter.  A great addition to the band!